One Intelligence Hub Connecting Everyone

Redefining ISR Platforms

Enterprise-scale systems working together to connect everyone for data-driven decision-making.

About Hawkeye

We Specialize in Providing Intelligence in Austere Environments

We provide a state-of-the-art intelligence platform including live drone flights, surveillance capabilities, and world-class imagery

We’ve integrated an array of systems to ensure your operation has the data it needs at every moment.

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Maps that surpass the standard.

Providing a functional map is critical to any intelligence operation to visualize your current environment. We provide 3-cm resolution basemaps for areas of any size. This includes blurring senstive areas, marking critical infrastructure, and a comprehensive suite of analytical tools.

Hawkeye helped us move our C4ISTAR operations into the 21st Century. They've provided one source of truth for all of our intelligence needs.

We Take Intelligence Shortfalls and Remove the Deficits

Advancing your Technologies

Unique ISR Capabilities

Live Object Tracking

Automatically track items such as vehicles, people, or animals.

Flight Planning

Advanced flight planning submission, capabilities, and viewing.

In-Depth Analytics

Gather analytical insights based on possible threats & illegal activity.

Anti-Jamming Capabilities

Ensuring you retain control over drones in your airspace.

Fixed Security Camera Integration

Combine all security cameras into one common viewing platform, regardless of provider.

Full - HD Live Video Streaming

Stream live drone feeds to your command center in real-time.

Operating Globally

Providing You with Over 150+ World Class Suppliers to Meet your Specific Needs

Our handpicked and vetted global partners represent the best in class manufacturers and ISR providers.